Lasting Love

“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” — Dr. Seuss

I came across this quote recently and I loved it.

On one of the Yahoo! Groups that I am a part of, love has been a topic of conversation recently. There are a couple of people who have recently celebrated anniversaries and a couple who are planning to renew their wedding vows in the near future. We have been talking a lot about love and marriage and what it takes to have a successful marriage.

My husband and I are planning to renew our wedding on our tenth anniversary this coming January. I’ve been congratulated on this achievement, and told how amazing it is in this day and age to have a marriage that lasts that long. One woman even commented that she’s had friends say, “If this doesn’t work, we can always get divorced.” Wow. I cannot imagine going into a marriage like that. That’s why I don’t like the idea of a prenuptial agreement—it’s like you are planning on the divorce before you are even married. If you are looking for a way out before saying “I do”, why waste the time, money, and energy on a wedding?

As we discussed the secret to enjoying a long marriage, one comment was made that has really stayed with me. One woman wrote, “A long marriage doesn’t mean a perfect marriage.” That is oh so very true. Expecting perfection in anything more than your wedding day is as disastrous as planning for divorce. Your husband is apt to fall short of perfection before the honeymoon is over, just as you are likely to fall very short of his. Unless you find a way to redefine “perfect” in your marriage, yours is going to be anything but.

John and I have had our ups and downs. There were times when I thought we had more downs than anything. Twice we came close to losing it all. Our love for each other never faded, though we questioned whether that love was enough to keep it going. No matter how bad things looked, I never forgot what I told him shortly before our wedding: “My goal is to celebrate our 50th anniversary.” Between that and my belief that divorce is not part of God’s plan, I have always been motivated to work things out.

I am not perfect. My husband is not perfect. But God created us to perfectly complement one another.

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3 thoughts on “Lasting Love

  1. I fully agree with this whole blog. My husband and I have just passed our 14th anniversary. It’s been a great 14 years, but let me tell you a long 14 years. When people go into marriage, they don’t realize the work thatis invloved. It’s not a piece of cake. But if you want it to last, you have to work at it. We have. Congrats to you guys!

  2. What a coinkydink, Lynn. My new book SYMMETRY coming out in October from L&L Dreamspell is about a young woman who, when she’s forced to reevaluate her life, discovers that her chaotic marriage might not be perfect, but it’s HERS, and she wouldn’t trade it for anyone’s peaceful-but-loveless coexistence.

    Congratulations on reaching the 10-year mark with your hubby!

    • JOY-CE!!!!! I still haven’t read TRUE BLUE FOREVER and now you have another one I want to get my hands on to read!!! lol

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