Favorite Author?

Recently I was asked to name my favorite author.  I paused.  There are so many possible responses.  How do I know which one to give?

L.M. Montgomery, who wrote Anne of Green Gables, the book that made me want to be a writer?

Karen Kingsbury, whose work made me realize that it is possible to make a living writing fiction that honors God?

Linore Rose Burkhard, who writes the most amazing Regency Romance stories I’ve ever read?

Christa Allan, whose work never ceases to amaze me and always makes me stop to think?

Or maybe my favorite is one of the many other authors whose books pepper the shelves scattered throughout my home.  In truth, I can’t pick just one favorite.  There are so many books that I enjoy, so many authors whose words transport me to a different place (and often a different time), so many stories that have impacted my life.  Choosing just one is nearly as impossible as choosing which of my three sons is my favorite.

I think that is what I enjoy the most about reviewing books.  I get to read genres I might normally pass over in the store or at the library.  Sometimes, I find that a book I would not normally consider to be “my thing” (Twilight comes to mind here) is one that was well worth the reading.  Sometimes I find one that I would normally be tempted to buy is one that I am better off without (nope, don’t ask….not gonna give a name!)  And sometimes I find a new author I’d never read before who really speaks to me.

That is what happened with Kathi Macias.  Kathi’s books are very inspirational to me.  All of them that I have read so far involve young women in difficult situations, situations that are impossible for humans to get through alone.  They are good reminders that no matter how bad things seem, God can make something beautiful from the ashes. Her most recent book, Special Delivery, is what I am reading right now.  It is a well-written, very powerful look at the ugly world of human trafficking.  I haven’t finished the book yet, so I can’t write a review of it at the moment.  But I will have the book done before the weekend is over, and a review will posted on Monday.  Be sure to stop by then to check it out!

In the meantime, you can check out the review I have posted about her book, People of the Book.

And, just in case you are interested, People of the Book has landed near the top of my favorite book list!

How about you?  What are your favorite books and favorite authors?

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