Goodbye Google Music, We Barely Knew Ya

Google Music is coming to an end.

The service, now merged with YouTube Music, recalled the early days of the global conglomerate when they made cool Internet things. It managed to cling on for nearly a decade though — certainly an impressive feat for one of Google’s earliest products.

RIP Google Music

Google Music — as we’ll refer to it throughout this piece, despite it having gone through several branding changes before undergoing the finality of being merged into another, worse service — was not nearly the trailblazer in the music-streaming or music-downloading world that it thought it would be. 

What it did promise, though, was the generous feature which allowed you to upload old music files and access them anywhere as if they were e-mails or documents. And generous is certainly the operative word here as Google Music provided server space for up to 20,000 songs for free, as well as the infrastructure for accessing those songs wherever or whenever you want. 

Since then, the ever-changing Google Music has undergone transformation after transformation as Google’s media strategy and offerings fluctuated and blurred until finally, it was integrated into YouTube as the latter’s popularity as a music platform exploded. 

Now, Google Music exists as a ghost of its former self within the YouTube Music app — which itself is an evolution of a couple of other failed music endeavours from the global tech goliath.

RIP, Google Music. You were good while it lasted.