Listen To Music… With Glasses!?

MusicLens is a pair of futuristic smart glasses which uses bone conduction technology to send audio signals to the wearer. The glasses come in three designs — Modern, Vogue, and Geek.

MusicLens — Smart Glasses That Allows You To Listen To Music

Founded in 2017, the MusicLens company has successfully developed a seemingly plain looking pair of sunglasses which allows its users to listen to music — without the need for earbuds!

The product received widespread support on the crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo in 2019 and has managed to surpass all expectations to date.

The smart glasses function by producing audio signals which bypass the eardrum and transfer soundwaves through the skin and bones as vibrations — thus allowing the wearer to hear audio through the bone conduction speakers mounted on the arm of the glasses resting in front of the wearer’s ears.

And when paired with an accompanying smartphone app, the volume may also be adjusted via gesture controls. Swiping forward on the right arm turns up the volume and swiping backwards will do the opposite.

Furthermore, the in-built sensors in the glasses will also be able to detect when they’re removed from the face. MusicLens will automatically pause the music when it’s taken off and once you put it back on, it auto-resumes playing.

Though, if continually being connected to your phone is not ideal, you may instead store music directly into the glasses as there is an extra 4GB worth of storage available for songs.

Oh, and the glasses also come with prescription lenses if needed!