Perfect Gifts For Music Lovers

With the most festive season encroaching rather quickly, it’s time to take out your credit cards and wallets, boot up your online shopping account, and get to ordering gifts!

Here are some of the best gifts to get for lovers of music.

Crosley Cruiser Deluxe Turntable

Vinyl has undoubtedly been making a comeback for a while now that we’re spending more and more nights in due to, well, a global pandemic. It’s time to haul those old vinyl albums out of storage and give them a spin for a nostalgic evening of music. 

In this case, Crosley’s suitcase-style, three-speed Cruiser Deluxe Turntable is the perfect gift for those with a few pieces of vinyl lying about. The record player/Bluetooth receiver is available in a variety of finishes that would surely make a charming addition to any room. 

Vinyl Box Set

Speaking of vinyl, now is also a good time as any to hop off the music-streaming train and get your hands on a piece of good old plastic vinyl records.

Surprise your music-loving friend with a vinyl album of their favourite music acts and watch their world light up during these oft dark times.


If you know someone who is more of a hands-on musician, this gift is perfect for them. 

Drum up some catchy beats, play the keyboard, program some melodic drum lines, as well as mix and master your audio — all using one device. And as far as recommendations go, the Novation 49 with MIDI controller will definitely keep you preoccupied for hours on end with all its different music-making features.

Vintage Microphone Art Display

This is the perfect decor to spruce up any music room. Preferably set to sit atop a speaker, mantle, shelf or table, Hobby Lobby’s Antique Silver & Black Table Decor would make for the perfect music-related gift for anyone. 

Moreover, it’s an inexpensive accent piece that will definitely stand-out in a room.


If you happen to know anyone who falls asleep while listening to music on headphones, then this might be a great surprise gift for them. 

The SleepPhones feature extra-thin speakers hidden inside a comfy headband that’ll work great for those who like to listen to music when they sleep. Plus, the fact that this gadget is completely wireless means no tangles involved!

Bose Speakers

Of course, you couldn’t overlook the most straightforward gift for any music lover — speakers!

These Bose Companion 2 Series III Multimedia Speakers makes for a remarkably excellent gift, and you may also expect crisp sound quality that has been the trademark of Bose for a long time. 

Though not wireless, the Bose speakers work well with a phone or tablet by using the headphone jack. And they’ll also fit nicely in a tight space, being only 7.5 inches tall by 3.1 inches wide by 5.9 inches deep.