Providing An Avenue For Selling/Reselling Authentic K-pop Merch

As the all-encompassing one-stop-shop for all things K-pop, KpopKart is definitely the marketplace to be for fans to browse and buy K-pop products — whether they be creations of fan artists or official merchandise.

All Your K-pop Needs At The Tip Of Your Fingers

But how did this platform come to be? Strap yourselves in, it’s storytime.

Experiencing first-hand the difficulty of procuring Korean and K-pop products, KpopKart co-founder and CEO Vera Sun started to toy with the idea of creating an online marketplace revolving around official and unofficial K-pop merchandise around the year 2017.

It was then, that the self-proclaimed k-pop diehard fan since 2011, became acquainted with KpopKart co-founder and CFO, Janessa Sim — who, coincidentally (or not) was also a fellow fan of the popular genre.

The duo then participated in a hackathon but they initially had no concrete plan on how to proceed with their business, which ended up backfiring as the judges thought that the business was not feasible. After this bump in the road, the pair of young entrepreneurs decided to launch a store revolving around something else they loved — K-pop idol-inspired fashion.

And while this business venture, aptly named LittleKpopWardrobe, took off without much of a hitch, the duo still felt like they could add more value to the community. It was their previous bad experiences with unscrupulous and unregulated K-pop merchandise sellers which had inspired them to revive their past business project.

With their experience in managing LittleKpopWardrobe, which doubled as a proof of concept to show that K-pop products were in demand, the pair decided to bring KpopKart back into the mix. However, they soon faced a roadblock — they needed a CTO that could build and maintain the website.

Then came Moh Moh San, who was a superb coder and an avid lover of K-pop. Together, the trio worked to refine their pitches to mentors and investors, eventually winning the grand prize at a pitching competition in 2019.

And the rest, as they say, is history.