String Soul — Practice Makes Perfect

String Soul is an online piano tutoring platform launched as recently as January 2020, wherein children (and even adults) can have one-on-one virtual piano lessons with a professional tutor.

From Noob To Piano Maestro Using An App

According to its creators, a lack of practice is the most common factor to why both kids and adults give up easily when it comes to their piano lessons. String Soul aims to address this issue.

String Soul hosts a variety of tutors from both Yamaha and ABRSM schools who will have to undergo a stringent vetting process. This vetting process comprises four steps:

  1. Initial interview and background check — each candidate should at least have five years of experience and also at minimum, a diploma in music education.
  2. Mock teaching — to demonstrate their teaching skills.
  3. Training sessions — to teach candidates how to use the app.
  4. Lesson observations — to ensure the standard of teaching is up to par, an observation is conducted on a quarterly basis. 

Once the candidate has passed the four aforementioned steps, they’ll then be listed on String Soul without the need to pay any fees. All they have to do is to commit at least 20 hours per week to teaching.

As for the students, each new student on the platform is entitled to a free trial session to allow them to test if their learning style is compatible with the app. Thereafter, packages are subscription based for students to get a structured practice routine. For example, a particular student may opt for three sessions a week for a month.

Lastly, String Soul is also able to help arrange piano exams for dedicated students. And for those who aren’t interested in taking tests, they may simply progress onto harder lessons once they’ve mastered the previous one.