Themed Rooms: Movie Night!

Need new ideas to spruce up an old movie room? The realm of Hollywood films is here to provide ample inspiration.

From the black-and-white noir of Hitchcock to the post-apocalyptic world of the Terminator series to even the fantastical whimsy of the LoTR series, you won’t be short on ideas for your next themed room project. 

Themed Rooms: Add A Cinema Feel To Your Movie Room Today

Imagine: Family night filled with the tasty smell of popcorn and a fun movie playing in a cosy setting. Sounds lovely, right? 

Blankets and comfortable seating are non-negotiable, but if you ARE going to set up your very own themed movie room, why not go the extra mile? Here are some simple ways to create an immersive movie room at home.

  1. Adding Curtains To Your Screen

Add a magical flair to your movie space by adding curtains to your TV screen to make it seem like you’re actually in a cinema hall, rather than your own home.

  1. Invest In A Popcorn Machine/Concessions/Snacks

Movies and popcorn are a match made in heaven. And it wouldn’t truly feel like an actual cinematic experience without the sweet smell of popcorn wafting in the air.

Yes, popcorn (and snacks to an extent) is essential to enhance your movie viewing experience. In this case, converting unused space in the room into your very own mini concession stand is a great idea to give off a cinema vibe at home.

  1. Comfortable Seating Is Vital

As you’ll be spending an hour or more on your bum sitting while indulging in a movie, comfortable seating is a must. If you have the budget, definitely get some cinema-grade movie chairs to help the movie theatre theme come full circle.

Alternatively, beanbags add a pinch of playfulness and whimsy to a room. And they’re relatively cheap and easy to move around! Otherwise, hammocks are a great way to add to the comfort levels of your room.

  1. Decor Will Make Or Break Immersion

Having appropriate furnishing is one thing, but your movie room experience may also be enhanced by your decor. 

Start with your walls. Have them painted in soothing colours like darker shades of grey, blue, or even purple for an optimum movie viewing experience. Additionally, adding blackout curtains to the room will also help in improving the immersion. 

If you want to be extra, adding a few movie-themed paraphernalia like movie posters or ticket stubs around the room is an excellent option to tack on to the theme of the room. Just get creative!