Techno is Music, Court Declares

For as long as it has been a “genre” of music, techno has divided fans and music lovers alike. Some say it’s just random noises that the creator has strung together, while fans and aficionados of the upbeat music argue otherwise. 

But now a high-level court in Germany has confirmed it — techno, is in fact, music.

The Verdict’s In, Techno IS Music

Consequently, due to this ruling, clubs are now privy to benefit from the same reduced sales tax rate as concert halls. 

In particular, Germany’s federal fiscal court agreed that clubs in the country should not have to pay the standard 19% VAT on ticket sales when concert venues often enjoy a much lower rate of 7%.

In this most recent ruling, the court found that most patrons to techno or house clubs were there primarily for the music and the DJs — similar to what you’d be doing if you were to attend a concert, regardless of whether there were singers or musicians actually present and playing instruments.

And as musicians, the DJs do more than just play tracks as they perform their own creations to the masses using instruments that aren’t commonly used by traditional music makers, to create new sound sequences which are characterised by their own distinctive tunes.

The decision is indeed a rare piece of good news for German nightclubs, especially in the midst of the global pandemic that has forced most, if not all of them to keep their doors closed for more than six months and with no end in sight. 

The fear is that despite government aid, temporary work schemes, and crowdfunding efforts, not all venues will be able to survive the crisis. Hopefully, this ruling will help to alleviate the burden these techno houses face, even if by a little.