Using Data To Provide Royalty-Paid Music

At the forefront of the B2B music sector lies MusixMusix, a digital music streaming service established in 2016 which aims to track and compile all music that is being played and then provides a playlist of recommended songs to businesses such as departmental stores and grocery shops.

One question that pops to mind when you hear their description: “Why would you need music for something like grocery shopping?”

You may not be aware, but music does influence one’s emotions, behaviour, and even how one perceives reality.

This is where MusixMusix comes in.

MusixMusix — Turning Music Into A Business Tool

At its core, the platform aims to support the B2B music sector by curating a playlist of great music at affordable prices to businesses. It only costs RM1 per day per premise as opposed to the usual square feet and number of chair metric used by other music licenses.

MusixMusix recommends a list of songs for each business category which is curated by a range of specialists in the art and science of psychoacoustics. These psychoacoustics specialists are the ones who will ultimately decide the type of music that should be played on the MusixMusix algorithm.

As far as music-deciding factors go, a mix of genre, tempo, beat and rhythm is considered. The team also uses a mood detector tool to visualize the mood values of music and dissect elements of music, for which they apply for commercial use.

For instance, the appropriate choice of music could positively influence the customers’ moods, and subsequently, they spend more time in the store and are more likely to buy even more items.

The ultimate goal of MusixMusix is to refine their psychoacoustic approach to create a specific user profile for the local Malaysian market.