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The Choice, by Suzanne Woods Fisher

    I don’t like to read Amish stories.

Let me just say that up front, so that there are no questions about it. It’s not that I have never read one. OK, so maybe I have never read one all the way through. But hey, at least I have attempted to read them. I just haven’t found one that could keep my attention. Maybe it is because I don’t understand the Amish lifestyle. Maybe it is because I picked up a book by the wrong author. I don’t know. I only know that I do not like reading Amish novels.

That is why it was so hard for me to muster up much excitement last February when my sister-in-law and he son gave me a novel set in Lancaster County, PA for my birthday.

I tried not to be ungrateful. She knew how much I enjoy Christian novels and really had tried to get me a gift I would appreciate. And when she told me the story of how she picked it…. She was shopping with her 5-month-old son. While she was looking at another book, he grabbed this one of the shelf. She read the back and thought it sounded like a good story. When I saw the young woman in plain clothing and a white bonnet on the cover of the book, I had to force myself to smile. It was a sweet gesture. I didn’t want to tell her that it was not the kind of book I enjoyed reading.

The next day, I started reading it. Not because I particularly wanted to read it. Like I said, I don’t like to read Amish stories. But I had nothing else to read, so I started on The Choice by Suzanne Woods Fisher.

And boy, was I surprised!!

I was immediately drawn into the world of Carrie Weaver. I cried along with her as she faced a string of seemingly never-ending losses. Through it all, Carrie’s struggles to keep her faith in God touched my heart. Watching her faith grow, watching her slowly begin to learn there is more to God and His love than just the rules of Amish life was amazing. It opened a deeper understanding of God’s love in my own life.

Can’t say that I am going to go out and read every Amish-themed book that is on the market, but next time I see something by Suzanne Woods Fisher, I will give it a closer look. The Choice is definitely a good find!

April 27, 2010 - Posted by Lynn McMonigal | Uncategorized

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