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  1. It was my wedding day and my father was asking me for my forgiveness, he had sexually abused me and my sisters while growing up, (until mom caught him). I said ok, what was I going to say, we were walking down the isle. But on the inside I was saying NO in a very big voice. My marriage ended in a divorce. It seems I was carrying all that hate into the marriage. When divorce was inevitable, I turned to God. Through a lot of counseling and a LOT of heart breaking, I finally truly forgave my father. I am free of that anger and hurt and am married again. It’s a great marriage and a hard life, but I love it. I can actually give my dad hugs and not want to kick him in the you know where. It has been good for my kids to see that forgiveness heals all.

  2. Edna Tollison

    I would love to win this book and then do a review of it, my blog is listed above.


  3. I can relate to Vicki’s post. When I was young I had an uncle who sexually abused me, my sister and my brother. As children we were too afraid to tell our mother that her only brother was doing this to us for fear she wouldn’t believe us and would severely disapline us for “lying” about it. All through our childhood and well into adulthood we carried the scars of his actions upon us. For many years I blocked it out and suppresed it until one day it wouldn’t stay suppresed any longer. I went through severe depression to the point of trying to wrap my car around a tree and having to be hospitalized twice and then on to a treatment facility for additional in house counseling and medication. One day when I was as low as I could get I came face to face with the Lord…He met me right where I was In my deepest dispare…He met me and loved me! I decided first I no longer wanted to be a victim and then, most importantly I needed to forgive my uncle who not only committed these acts against me but my siblings too. I didn’t do it for him, I needed to forgive him for me, for without forgiveness I could not go forward. Today I can say praise God He has healed me, renewed me, and is using me and my story to help others who have been hurt in similar ways. God is so good and if we are willing to be used by Him and for His glory, He will turn awful things into tools to bring glory and honor to Him!

  4. stephanie christmann

    I definately still have an area where forgiveness is needed in my life. I actually had been suffering for years with disliking people who had hurt me in the past, and not wanting to forgive them, actually wishing that I could get revenge. One day I woke up and realized that I was just making myself worse and even more miserable, it finally occured to me that these people that I was wasting so much of my time, disliking, probably never thought two thoughts of me at all, and I was wasting hours if not more each day being mad at them.

    I actually went to counseling and was able to forgive almost everyone, even my ex-husband who almost killed me, left me with a broken tail-bone that I still suffer from numerous ailments because of on a daily basis. I feel so much better since forgiving them. Even though I didn’t forgive my ex in person, I have forgiven him in my heart, so that I don’t wake up every morning hating him and wishing bad things on him because I am in so much pain each morning. Instead, I wake up each morning in pain and try to be thankful that I have woken up at all and that I have yet another day to spend with and enjoy with my five wonderful children.

    The area that I still need to work on forgiveness in is with my step-mother. I really want to get to the point where I can forgive her. But she just keeps putting me and my family down, doing anything she can to try and make us look bad for things that have happened in the past, or trying to make me feel guilty that my kids are from three different dads, (two ex-husbands and one sperm doner, so to speak) The way I look at it is if I can forgive myself for the things I hve done, than others shouldn’t put me down for it and hold it over my head. For some reason, I still haven’t been able to forgive my step-mother, but am going to keep continuing on working toward it.

    I look forward to reading your new book. I loved your book, Summertime. I can always relate to stories about being a single mother. I was glued to the book from cover to cover. Another aspect that I liked was that you are from Michigan. I always love finding great authors from my homestate, even though I have moved to Massachusetts now that my ex-husband has been released from prison for trying to kill me. I wanted a better life for my kids, one where we wouldn’t have to watch and be scared that at any moment, my ex might be walking around the corner.

    Keep the great books coming. I know that you have inspired me, and I feel rather cefrtain that you have inspired many, many others with your heart-felt writing as well.

  5. Leonora Pruner

    You raised a common question — have I any more stories to tell, will I write again? I think most writers share that feeling at some point. Some suggestions. Use this time to “fill the well.” For the time being, set writing and concerns about it aside. Read widely, study Scripture, open yourself to whatever, wherever God is leading you, meditate, pray — but not about this problem. Meet new people; be involved with your communities in new ways. There is likely new material within you and ahead of you for you to discover. It will come together in unexpected ways. This may take a while, but don’t rush it. Then begin to write again.

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