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So I have a few ideas for novels that I am playing around with. I think I have hit on titles for them, too. I don’t want to give away too much about the storylines. But I would like to see what others think of the titles. I’ll post them here, and if you have a moment, could you make a comment about them? Let me know what comes to mind when you hear the titles. It might be interesting to know what they bring to mind. Thanks for the help!!!

The titles I have in mind are—

Sonshine and Rain

Off the Deep End

Twice in a Lifetime

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  1. Janet Elaine Smith

    Well, considering my crazy mixed-up life most days, “Off the Deep End” appeals to me. LOL!

  2. knowing Janet, it makes sense. Anyway,

    Sonshine and Rain – single motherhood

    Off the Deep End – Plunging in with new ideas

    Twice in a Lifetime – Getting married again or a second child.

    These are intersting titles that I could have fun with. That might make an interesting meme. Maybe I’ll design one.

  3. Marilyn Celeste Morris

    Hi, Janet and Ron! Good to see you both here!
    My comments are:
    Sonshine and Rain — Jesus is with us through good and gloom.
    Off the Deep End — Implies plunging into the unknown
    Twice in a Lifetime — Unexpected events happen as miracles

  4. Nichole Osborn

    Sonshine and Rain- Jesus being with us during the storms of life.
    Off the Deep End- Jumping into the unknown and possibly getting in over your head.
    Twice in a Lifetime- Finding the love of your life twice.

  5. Dianne G Sagan

    Sonshine and Rain – weathering the storms of life with Jesus as the guide

    Off the Deep End – someone has gone too far, could be a story of recovery

    Twice in a Lifetime – second marriages; chance to heal an old relationship with someone


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