Hope After Affair

 After 18 years of marriage, the Molinskys have fallen into a bit of a rut.  Bobbi knows that things with her lawyer husband, Chuck, are not perfect.  Still, she is blindsided by an email that is forwarded to their home account while Chuck is away on business.  The email hinted at something she thought was completely impossible, but when she confronted Chuck with it, Bobbi learned that it was not only possible, it was true—her husband had engaged in an affair.

She felt like her life was over.  How could her husband do such a thing?  How could God allow him to do it?  And how in the world could they ever get past this?

All of these questions and more are both asked and answered in Contingency, the first novel in author Paula Wiseman’s new Covenant of Trust series.  (The second book, Indemnity, is available now and the third book in the series, Precedent, will be released later in 2011.)  I don’t know if Ms. Wiseman has ever been in a situation in any way similar to what she put her characters through or not.  I do know that she handled the story with grace and mercy that could have only come from God.

Both Bobbi and Chuck showed a wide range of very real emotions after the revelation of his affair.  By talking to each other and being faithful and honest in counseling they are able to reach deep inside themselves and find a level of faith in God that neither really knew they possessed.  This story offers hope for anyone–Christian or not–going through rough spots in their marriage.

I was wrapped up in this book and in the complex characters from the very first sentence.  This book—and the others in the series, I am sure—has earned a place on my “To be Read and Enjoyed Again” book shelf.

You can learn more about Paula Wiseman by visiting her website, www.paulawiseman.com

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  1. Paula Wiseman

    Thank you for reading Contingency and for the great review!


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