Once Upon A Dream

I wrote this one as part of a writing assignment.  Hope you enjoy!



I once dreamed about a big blue bird. Why, I couldn’t tell you. Might have had something to do with watching Sesame Street with my son all day long. And I mean ALL DAY LONG. I tend to baby him when he isn’t feeling well. He’d had is tonsils taken out the day before, and didn’t want to do anything but watch Elmo and cuddle with Mommy. Made it kind of hard to do much of anything, but on day veggin’ out with a three-year-old isn’t really a wasted day.

Yeah, right. Tell that to my husband. When he came home from work our son was sleeping. Know what was the first thing he said? He didn’t ask how my day went of how Kyle was feeling. No, it was, “Didn’t you do anything today?” Let’s see…..I made Jell-O. I spoon fed Jell-O to a boy who didn’t want to drink anything. I sang and danced with Elmo and friends. I cuddled with an ill-feeling child. I read stories. I forced pain medicine down a toddlers throat (not an easy thing to do, let me tell ya!). I played Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land dozens of times. In between it all, I found time to wash a load of laundry, throw dinner into the crock-pot, dry the laundry, make iced tea, pay a few bills, and fold the laundry. Under the circumstances, I thought I’d accomplished a lot.

“Did you put the laundry away?”


When I finally fell asleep that night, I dreamed a nine foot tall blue bird with Cookie Monster’s appetite was chasing my husband.

Too bad I woke up before he was caught

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