Kindle Joys

When I first purchased my Kindle Fire, I thought I would use it for reading.

Actually, I never thought I would own one at all.  It was kind of an accidental purchase.  I already had a Sony Reader, which I liked but was very limited as far as book selection.  One day, we were on what my husband refers to as a family vacation to Wal-Mart (he doesn’t get out much), and we passed the electronic s department.  I stopped just to look at the Kindles.  My husband about shocked me into a heart attack when he said, “Why don’t you get one?  You read enough.  I am sure you will use it.”

So yeah.  That’s how I got my Kindle.  Fire, actually.  First generation.  Handy little gadget.  And I soon found that I could get TONS of books for free for the little machine.  I probably have more stored on there than I can read in a year.  Well, I could read them all in far less than a year if I didn’t have to do those pesky daily tasks like cleaning and cooking and schoolwork and taking care of my family’s needs….  And I am constantly adding new books to my Kindle library.  I can’t help it.

My name is Lynn and I am a book addict.

And thanks to my Kindle, I don’t have to throw out my husband’s possessions in order to add to my book collection.

One thing I didn’t expect, however, was that I would share my Kindle reading with my sons.  The oldest are 12 and 9.  They are more than capable of reading on their own.  And while there are some books that all three of us enjoy, they are just now reading books I have already read.  Harry Potter was great and all, but I’ve read them and seen the movies.  I don’t want to put them on my Kindle to read again, especially since handing my Kindle over to one my son’s would mean less time for me to read.  As for the six-year-old….  Well, let’s just say I am in no hurry to add Dr. Seuss to my Kindle library, either.

But after we watched The Wizard of Oz together, the boys were amazed to learn the movie was based on a book.  And I had to admit, it was a book I had not read.  So I searched and found it free for Kindle.  We started reading it together in the mornings before school.  The boys would sit quietly in the car and listen as I read to them until the doors opened and they could go in the school.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get all three to sit quietly at the same time?

When we finished, I started thinking of other classic books they might enjoy.  This week, we started reading The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. The boys love it!  And I love how that little hit of reading time with them energizes me for the start of my day.

It’s better than coffee.

Not that I am ready to completely give up my morning coffee just yet….

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One thought on “Kindle Joys

  1. ugh, another person I’m jealous of. I’ve wanted one since they came out, even my son got one before me. Not because we bought it or anything, they are allowed to take them out of the school library on loan so he had one before I did. I still dont have one and we are about to go on a 5 day drive with 5 kids. Ugh I need one. SOunds like a great way to start your morning. :) Have a great weekend.


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