We Are DJ and Kimmy!

While doing some research for The Rylee Project, I came across an interview with Candace Cameron Bure.  At one point in the interview, she talked about a recent Full House reunion (in case you don’t know, Candace played DJ Tanner on the show) and the relationships she has with Andrea Barber (she played DJ’s best friend, Kimmy Gibbler.)  There were some things that Candace said about the two of them that sounded so much like a couple of ladies that I know!  Below is the quote from her interview that actually made me laugh out loud, along with a couple of pictures.

Does this remind YOU of anybody you know?

MD: In terms of the ones you do keep in touch with — I saw some fun pics on Twitter of you and the actress who played Kimmy Gibbler, Andrea Barber. Are you two still best friends?

CCB: [Laughs] We’re still good friends and we’re total goofball 30-year-old moms trying to relive our childhood, rock out to New Kids on the Block. That was us at the reunion. Yeah, we’re still close friends.

MD: That’s awesome.

CCB: We’ll still do stuff together and she’s a marathon runner now. She’s got me into stuff — we’ve done a couple of races together. And we have another one coming up that we’re doing. So we encourage and inspire each other fitness-wise and then through our mutual New Kids on the Block love.