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Visit the author online at http://www.phildavidsonbooks.com/.

Visit the author online at http://www.phildavidsonbooks.com/.

Dreamer, a suspenseful novel by author Phillip L. Davidson, is not your typical Christian fiction book.  There are some moments of rough language and some situations that can be viewed as paranormal.  This is not the type of “easy-going” Christian romance that I normally read and review.  However, I am open to trying new things.  And the fact that main character David Elliot is motivated, at least in part, by his intense love for his wife made this book worth reading.

This book is action-packed.  If you like something fast-paced, this one will be well worth your time.  My only issue with it is the language.  I realize that in wartime, the language used is much different than what I am used to using and hearing on a daily basis.  However, if a book is being marketed to a Christian audience, I do feel the author should take that into account and tone down some of the language used.  Though I enjoyed the story line, the language alone will keep likely keep this book from making it my “read again” shelf.




About The Book:

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dreamer-Phillip-Davidson-ebook/dp/B00EZVKPFU/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Dreamer-Phillip-Davidson-ebook/dp/B00EZVKPFU/

Is the Dreamer good or evil? As war looms between Britain and Argentina over the barren Falkland Islands, Major David Elliott is having nightmares. Long ago, in a dark jungle near Cambodia, he failed to do his duty. That duty was to execute a member of his team. David’s weakness eventually led to his team’s capture. Tortured by the Viet Cong, they revealed the dark secrets of the CIA’s Phoenix program. Forced to leave the service in disgrace, his men now live in the ‘darkness’. What do the dreams mean for them? David’s wife, Sonia, sees them as harbingers of evil things to come. A revolutionary in Argentina before the war, she escaped to America and became a citizen.

Now, Captain Alvarez, head of the Argentine Secret Police, wants her back. He devises a plan that lures her into returning to Argentina where she is imprisoned on Los Estados Island. Meanwhile, a mystical creature has summoned David and his former team to gather once more to honor the ‘covenant,’ a pact they made with each other when they believed their lives were coming to an end. Together, with an errant priest, Father Perez, they reluctantly agree to assault Los Estados and free Sonia. As they travel across Mexico, Central and South America, they encounter the CIA, Contras in Nicaragua, the M-19 narco-terrorist group and the United States Navy; while all along being shadowed by the mystical entity. Is the entity God or Satan? Will submitting to the will of the entity allow David and his men to stand in the light of men once again? Is the Dreamer good or evil? You decide.

Dreamer is a tale of redemption, honor, courage, belief in God and betrayal! If you enjoy military fiction, this book is for you.

Ship Shape

The ship’s sail looked dingy and tattered. It, and the ship itself, had seen much better days. Yet it stood almost proudly in the marina, like a symbol to the other boats in the arena.

My sons were always more interested in the newer, shiner crafts when we visited. But me, I was drawn to the old ship. No matter how many times I’d seen it, it captivated me. The boys would probably say that was because the ship was one of the few things in our home town that was actually older than their father. I think my wife is the one that put that idea into their heads.

The ship was a piece of history. It had seen more than I ever would. Each hole on the sail said so much. Yet it had survived. It still lived.

Again, that was more than I could say for myself at times.

The plaques in front of the ship told a little of its story. It had been battle scared as it defended our country. On her last voyage, only three crew members had survived and brought her home. Each scratch on the hull, each tear in the sail was displayed as badges of honor. It had to be a lonely life, being the only one left.

It was a lonely life.

I had to tear my eyes away from the old ship and her torn sail. My boys needed my attention. If something happened to them….

They were laughing over the antics of the ducks playing among the boats. The oldest, my nine year old, had his mother’s laugh. My seven year old had her smile. And the baby, my four year old, had her red hair and blue eyes. For a moment, it was like she was still there. Smaller versions of her, a more boyish version, perhaps, but  still her. Spending time with them was the best was way I could have her alive.

It was not the way I wanted her, but it was the best I could have.


An early morning call shatters Caryn Becker’s world.  Unable to cope with her brother’s news that he is gay, Caryn rejects him and disappears into her own turbulent like as a young widow and single mom.  But when David is attacked and nearly killed, Caryn is forced to make hard choices about family, faith and her own future; choices that take her to the very edge of grace.

To be totally honest, when I first heard that Christa Allan had a new book out, I didn’t care what the book was about.  She could have written 500 pages about watching paint dry or grass grow, and I would have wanted to read it.  OK, so that might be a bit of an exaggeration.  But I enjoyed her first book so much that I would have read The Edge of Grace no matter what topic it covered or how the plot twisted.  The first book was written in such a fluid, conversational style.  I had great hopes for the second.

And I was not disappointed.

The story really hit home for me (check out what I posted about it yesterday if you want to know why.)  Dealing with a gay family member can be very confusing, to say the least.  Caryn’s reaction to her brother’s was very real—“he’s doing something that I don’t approve of and can’t relate to, so I am just going to ignore him.”  Her attitude didn’t make the “problem” go away or turn back the clock to a time when she didn’t know that David was not happily in love with the woman he was planning to marry, but it did help Caryn to cope with the shock.  At least in the very beginning.  It was interesting to watch Caryn move from denial to acceptance, even though the metamorphosis meant changes in her own life and in her way of thinking.

The Edge of Grace was a very well-written story about a topic many Christians struggle with.  This book earns my highest recommendation.  I can’t say that I agree with all of the opinions expressed in this book, but that is OK.  At least reading it forced me to consider positions other than my own.

I think Caryn said it best herself in this speech to her brother near the end of the book: “And God is reaching me, maybe in very small steps, that He is the final judge, not me.  And that my job, for as long as I am here, is to reach out and love.”

That is something I think we all should keep in mind before we start hurling insults and accusations at one another.

Christa Allan is the author of Walking on Broken Glass and the mother of five.  Christa teaches high school English.  She and her husband, Ken, live in Abita Springs, Louisiana.  Visit Christa on the web at http://www.christaallan.com.

Review of BUM MAGNET

It is not often that I don’t finish reading a book that I have started.  Never have I  attempted to write a review of a book I did not read from cover to cover.

Until today.

K.L. Brady’s Bum Magnet is the first.  I tried to read it.  Honest I did.  It sounded like a fun, easy read.  Here is what is printed on the back cover of the book–

She’s a savvy, successful real-estate agent blessed with a quick wit, a low tolerance for BS, a much better tolerance for designer vodka, and a gorgeous plus-size body.  She has a dream house, a luxury car, and an appetite for life’s best–like good food and great sex.  So why do all of her ex-lovers belong in the Losers Hall of Fame?  Why does Rissey seem to her own special talent as a bum magnet?

The cover goes on to talk about some of the men that Rissey has been involved with.  Looking back, I can see a lot of clues in this description that shows the book may not be for me.  Still, I wanted to give it a chance.  But no matter how hard I tried, I could not get beyond chapter 7.

Nothing against K.L. Brady or her writing style.  I actually found her voice very conversational and humorous.  The problem I had was with the type of conversation in the book.  It seemed like every time a mouth opened in the book it was to utter an expletive.  And Rissey—well, even though she made a “pact” with herself to not fall into bed with another unworthy man, she was unable to keep her clothes on for long at all.

I don’t believe that every conversation needs to be full of swearing or that dating a man means that you have to sleep with him.  Those beliefs make it very uncomfortable for me to read a book that doesn’t reflect those beliefs.

I did have a big problem with Rissey, too.  She is portrayed as some strong, independent woman.  Yet her actions make her seem much less than that.  To me, an independent woman is one who may want to have a man in her life but knows she does not need one.  Rissey is a career woman who has done very well for herself.  But she still seems to think that she needs a man to be complete.  I don’t know–it was too conflicting for me.

Over all, I would not recommend this book to others.  The language and sexual situations are too strong, too prevalent  for my tastes.  But if you don’t mind that and are looking for a quick beach read, you might want to check this one out.

You can purchase Bum Magnet at this link: http://www.amazon.com/Bum-Magnet-K-L-Brady/dp/1451613709/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1314275721&sr=8-1

For more on this author, check out her website http://www.authorklbrady.com/









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Book Videos – The Writings of Robert G. Pielke

Book Videos – The Writings of Robert G. Pielke.

I just finished reading NEW BIRTH OF FREEDOM: THE VISITOR by Robert G. Pielks and all I can say is WOW!  In all honesty, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to read this book.  I agreed to only because a friend asked me to review it.  I couldn’t put it down!

My review will be up in a couple of weeks.  In the meantime, take a look at the trailers for is on this website.  If you are a history buff or a sci-fi freak, you will love this book.

Newberry Classics

I spent some time cleaning out my files today.  Figured I would start 2011 with at least a little more organization.  (Hmm…  Thinking right now that I should talk to my older sister.  Now THAT is one organized lady!)  Now, I am not  insane enough to think that I will remain organized all year long.  That would take a miracle, and I think God has more important miracles to dole out.

Still, starting off a new year just a little more organized can’t be a bad thing.

I found some interesting things in my files.  Actually, I am glad that I did.  It would be somewhat depressing to know that I had collected all of those printed sheets of paper only to find that none of them are at all interesting.  Among the more interesting finds were two stapled lists of books.  One is a list of Newbery Medal winners; the other is a list of recommended reading for high schoolers.  With all of the reading that I do, I have read precious few books on these lists.  That is something that I hope to change this year. 

The boys asked if we can go to the library while they are on Christmas break.  So I am thinking that we will go tomorrow.  I asked them to look at the Newbery list to pick out a book to read.  Not sure they will really do that, though.  I was in fifth grade—one year older than my oldest son—when my      encouraged (or when it is a teacher, is the proper term ‘forced’?) us to read books from her Newbery Medal winner list.  As much as I would like to see the boys choosing something more substantial to read than Captain Underpants, I suppose I don’t need to force them just yet.  Not that I am saying it will never happen!

As for me, I plan to take out one Newbery book and one of the recommended for high school students books.  At the moment I don’t have anything on my calendar to review.  So it would be a very good time to read some classics.

 Hmm….  In twenty years or so, do you think a Lynn McMonigal novel might be considered a classic??