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Facebook, Family, and Epilepsy

One thing I really like about Facebook is the ability to catch up with old friends. One thing I really love about Facebook is the ability to “meet” new family members.

My mother is the youngest of six children. There is a large age difference between Mom and her oldest brother, nearly 20 years, if I am not mistaken. My uncle’s six children—my cousins—are closer to Mom in age than they are to mine. But their children are closer to my age (one, in fact, was born exactly two weeks before I was!) Still, they are scattered all over this part of the country. I am not sure that I have met even half of them face-to-face. Without Facebook, I might never have “met” all of these cousins.

But there is one who has become kind of special to me. Her name is Joy. She is the mother of one very special young man. Z has epilepsy. I can only imagine the struggles this makes raising him. I grew up with a sister who had a mild form of the disease, so I know that it can be scary. But I have no idea how to handle the disease as a parent. I admire the way she has risen to the challenge. I don’t think I have ever heard her complain about situation she is in.

Thanks to Joy, I know a little more about some of the complications young children with epilepsy face. Did you know that children with epilepsy also face increased rates of anxiety, depression, and panic attacks? I didn’t until recently. And those are just a few of the issues that come along with it. You can learn a little more about the struggles Mr. Z and other children with this disorder face by checking out this page. Reading this information might help you become a little more aware of and a little more compassionate toward epileptics everywhere.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Joy, you and Mr. Z are in my prayers daily. Love you!

April 23, 2011 - Posted by Lynn McMonigal | Life | Child, Conditions and Diseases, Epilepsy, Epileptic seizure, Facebook, Joy Stanton, Neurological Disorders

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