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Getting Healthy Step by Step

Every now and again, I see something on Facebook that really catches my attention. This week, it was an ad on the side of the page. The ad was for a program called “Step by Step.” (And no, it has nothing to do with New Kids on the Block. Thought I should point that out for those of you who know my NKOTB fascination!) This is a healthy living challenge sponsored in part by the local hospital. The goal is to promote better food choices, exercise, and a smoke-free lifestyle for people in Jackson County, Michigan. I thought about it briefly before I took the plunge and signed up for the challenge.

It doesn’t “officially” start until May 1. Still, I am starting to make some changes. Like adding fruit to at least one meal each day and adding vegetables to at least one other. And I am moving more. Yesterday, I set a timer for 10 minutes, ushered my sons out of the house and started walking. When the timer went off, we turned around and headed back home. I had planned to take the dog, too, but he busted his leash. UGH. I thought trying to walk a lively black lab would help to raise the intensity of the exercise. But, just walking was better than what I normally do, which is sit at home, thinking, “You know, I really should exercise.”

Today, I did another of the small suggested movements on the site. I put on one of my 1980′s CDs and danced while I was cleaning the kitchen, doing laundry, and making dinner. That was so fun! And it felt good.

Something that I have been doing lately is working. I saw a woman Monday night who I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks. She said that I looked good, that she can tell I am losing weight, and that I just seem to glow. Yea! It felt good that someone could see a change. I know I have been feeling a change. Clothes that were much too tight last summer are starting to fit!

April 28, 2011 - Posted by Lynn McMonigal | Life, Weight Loss

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