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A New Challenge

A to Z Blog Challenge

I came across this in a blog post a couple of days ago:

What is the A to Z Challenge? It’s blogging a letter of the alphabet every day the month of April (with Sundays off for good behavior.) It begins April First with the letter A and ends April 30 with the letter Z.

Considering I found it with less than 10 days left in the month of April, it’s not really feasible that I can finish it in the month of April. So I decided to not even start! No, instead I am going to do this challenge in May. And I don’t know that I will take Sundays off for good behavior. Especially since I plan to pre-write as many posts as I can. That will help me get through the Challenge, even if life throws something totally unexpected my way.

This plan, though, leads me to one question. How do you, my readers, feel about the blog challenges that I am using? I know why I like them—they help me keep focused on writing a little something every day and they help me to reveal a little more about myself. My best friend, a woman I have known for 20 years, said she enjoys reading them because even she learns new things about me. I didn’t tell her that my writing the challenge posts also helps me to learn new things about myself!

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Song Challenge, Day Twenty

A song you listen to when you are angry….

Wow. Some of these topics are very easy. Others really require a bit of thought!

I suppose it all depends on how angry I am! In the last couple of months, I’ve started listening to praise music when I am angry. It is so hard to remain angry when singing songs of love to God. When I am real angry, I need something more than that. I need a song that is full of God’s love, but I also need something where I can really just SHOUT OUT the words. Never been much into head-banging music, but it sure helps when I am angry! And this is the perfect song for it.

The song is “It Is Well” by Kutless. This is a rock band version of the old hymn “It Is Well With My Soul.” The terms “hymn” and “rock band” don’t seem to go together. But this song shows that the two can work. I love it!!! In a way, it is an angry version. To me, it is like the band is shouting at the devil “do your worst, but everything is good with me because I have Jesus on my side!”

Yeah, there is nothing like beating up on the devil when I am feeling angry and down!!

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