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Susie Hobson has heard over and over from people who want more out o life.  In her new book, Loving God with All Your Heart, she gives some insight into how we can get more in our lives.  I’m honored to have her visiting Lynn’s Corner today, sharing a little about her work.



Author Susie Hobson

I Want More!

By Susie Hobson, Author of Loving God with All Your Heart

           Are you one of those who want more?  I worked as a counselor for sixteen years and I continually heard in many different ways “I Want MORE!”  Another way to put this is, “Is this all there is for me in this world!?”  There is a desire in us all for something that people, places, possessions, fame, and fortune cannot fill.  What is that elusive need, that heart’s desire we all seem to crave?   I am convinced that it is a real relationship with God—a powerful relationship! 

         In my book, Loving God with All Your Heart, I encourage everyone, women, men, young and old, believers and non-believers in Christ to re-think the Greatest Commandment and consider changing their everyday life to one more filled with love.  God is love and when we love Him without limit that leads to the fulfillment of our heart’s desire—a relationship with the living God.  A true two-way relationship—not church talk—a relationship that can transform your whole life!

          One chapter around the end of the book brings us to the subject of happiness.  Here is an excerpt from that chapter:

          “All Christians have an abiding life-long joy in our hearts that cannot be removed by anything in or of this world.  In good times and bad times Christians have the joy of Jesus Christ inside of us by way of the Holy Spirit.  However, as a counselor, I know that when people start talking about having more, a part of the more that they want is to be happy.  Yes, happy—an emotion that is situational, based on circumstances, and not an all-the-time-enduring feeling.  Yet most people do want to live what could be considered a happy life. 

           Just a few years ago I sat in on a group of young adults and the question was asked, ‘Who is happy this morning?;  One young man raised his hand.  Then the question was asked, ‘Who wants to be happy?’ and everyone raised their hands.  I think that today’s standard of what ‘happy’ is has become unrealistic.  Happy is not fireworks, thrill rides, and entertainment.  That’s excitement, not happy!  Happy is . . . “

           Now, if you are interested you will have to check out my book to see how keeping the Greatest Commandment could be a life-changing way of living for you and your family.  In my book I deal with topics such as surrender, sin, the Bible, what pleases God, as well as my personal testimony (this book is not about my journey but I do share my testimony to show that God is real and He is in the people changing business!). 

           Are you one who wants more?  This book is for you.  It takes you deeper into your heart’s desire for a real relationship with God—a powerful and active relationship! 

           Thank you, Lynn’s Corner, for this opportunity to share about my book!  I’ve enjoyed visiting with you. 

 Susie Hobson is the author of the newly released book, Loving God with All Your Heart.  Her book was published by Nordskog Publishing and is available from amazon.com and through her publishing company (www.nordskogpublishing.com).  

Susie Hobson has a B.A. in Special Education and an M.S. in Rehabilitation Counseling from The University of Alabama.  She worked as a Rehabilitation Counselor for the Alabama Dept. of Rehabilitation Services for sixteen years managing a deaf/hearing-impaired and blind/vision-impaired caseload.  She retired to spend more time with her family and to write as God has called her.  She and her husband Rich have two daughters and live in Montgomery, Alabama.

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  1. Thanks for hosting Susie today. This sounds like a wonderful book. I really wanted to read this one for her tour, but my TBR pile just wouldn’t allow it. I hope your readers will check it out.


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