30 Day Song Challenge

I spend a lot of time on Facebook. Yeah, OK. So I am sure you are saying, “Come on now, Lynn. Tell us something we don’t already know!” The amount of time I spend on Facebook is not the point here anyway. The point is that I say something that I really thought could be fun. Someone started a 30 Day Song Challenge. I don’t know who it was or where the idea came from. Likely it was someone who didn’t want to get to work on their “real job” and chose instead to create a fun procrastination tool to share with the world.

Well, if so, I guess it worked. At least it worked with me because I’ve been following along with the challenge, looking for the perfect songs on YouTube to fit each one of the categories.

The problem is that one song just doesn’t work for some of the days. Like Day One—Your Favorite Song. How am I supposed to pick just one? Oh and then there is the whole wanting to share why I chose the song that I did. There is only so much space on Facebook to share.

My solution? To post my 30 Day Song Challenge on Facebook and here in my blog. I’ll continue to post just the links to my song choice on Facebook and the reasons behind my choices on Lynn’s Corner. Will anyone care? Probably not!! But at least I know it will be fun for me!!

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  1. This day 12 just cracked me up! I keep forgetting that you were a boy band fan. I was a hair band fan until I got into alternative heavy metal. I spent an hour listening to related songs after watching that one! Remind me again what we have in common?! I think the theory that opposites attract it true! LOL!


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